Tentang Chef Desi

Desi Trisnawati

  • Winner Masterchef Indonesia 2012
  • Challenger Ironchef Indonesia 2017
  • Chef Consultant at Takasago, Japanese Flavors Co.
    (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine)
  • Guest Chef at Indonesian Food Promo, Toronto
  • Guest Chef at Indonesian Food Promo, German
  • Guest Chef at United World College, Singapore
  • Guest Chef at Methodist Girl School, Singapore
  • Guest Chef at LOAF Foundation and Forunner, Singapore
  • Chef Contributor : Kids Nation Magazine, Australia
  • Book Writer , 20 Fun Recipes of Strong Heart
  • CoWriter This is How I Love You
  • Creator, 1st Indonesian Culinary Game
  • Food artist: Kreasi Dapur Sehat & Masak Sehat DAAI TV
  • Director Novilla Boutique Resort Bangka
  • Founder Pesona Katering Nusantara
  • Founder Meliponini Honey
  • Small, Medium culinary Business Coach